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History of Water Gardening


A Brief Overview

Early civilizations sprung up around rivers and other water sources for irrigation and transportation purposes.  Technology progressed and soon included more sophisticated systems of canals and aqueducts for moving water further towards larger and larger settlements allowing development and growth further from water sources. Water lilies, lotus, iris, arrowheads and cattails as well as numerous grasses, trees, and other plants found these new inland habitats as inviting as the people who built them.  With time, there were lush water gardens and delightful specimens of water loving plants. Aquaculture soon followed.


As civilizations grew and supported more prosperous societies, homes began being built away from the farming areas. The people built more sophisticated water delivery systems to support their new communities.  These homes start to incorporate water gardens as focal points of beauty and prestige. These gardens which were first kept for food and medicinal herbs soon become elaborate display areas to showcase status and wealth.  Eventually the upper classes and royalty build gardens that bring the whole realm of the natural world to their front door in displays of grandeur. 


Magnificent gardens were envisioned, created, and nurtured in many cultures over many thousands of years. Gardens like Versailles in France were built as great symbols of opulence.  This opulence is still a much sought after pleasure, but today anyone with the desire can have their very own water garden, fountain, or pond. It takes a little planning, a little planting, and a little patience but the pursuit is well worth it.  The benefits of water gardening are many. Today, our hectic, 24/7 lifestyle makes it particularly challenging to keep up with all the demands of modern life.  Yet, the ageless pursuit of water gardening holds for us a constant challenge and attraction that distracts from our artificial, man-made environment. 


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