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Faux Rock or Real Rock


Faux Rock or Real Rock:  Which should I use in my landscape?  Real is always best...for most projects most of the time... however, when real rock is not practical, available, or economical, faux rock or artificial rock steps in and can be a real advantage to use as an alternative building material. 


Artificial rock or faux rock is used for producing dramatic yet economical effects to enhance  landscapes, waterscapes, buildings, and more.  Faux rock can be molded, textured, and colored to replicate the look and feel of real rock. Faux rock is built onsite, eliminating the inconvenience and expense of locating and hauling real rock to the project site.  Benefits include design flexibility, speed of installation, durability, concealment of unsightly utilities and custom coordinated finishes.  Faux rock can be made to be extremely strong and lightweight when needed.  We also build and/or install other landscape elements like patios, pavers, walkways, or lighting! 


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