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Don't forget about outdoor and water feature lighting.  Significant effects can be had in the landscape at night and our Northern California climate is welcoming year-round. Landscape lighting makes your home more inviting at night and creates different moods. 

Light adds warm and provides an invitation.  Lighting comes in many styles, shapes, colors, and applications to suite your outdoor mood, space and requirements - why not light up! 


Landscape lighting can enhance a backyard pool, a pond or water feature, a BBQ area, or fire pit.  Up lighted trees can be stunning.  Ambers are good for lighting up architectural elements while blues are good for lighting up landscape elements. Outdoor lighting provides a sense of security and makes outdoor environments more accessible year round. It is also important to remember that a quality landscape lighting system should provide many years of low-maintenance service. 


Lifespan, performance, environment, efficiency, and affordability are part of the equation of putting together an outdoor lighting system.  Significant energy savings can be provided with low-voltage (12v and 24v) systems that deliver outstanding results.  LED systems are even more energy efficient requiring about a fourth of electricity as halogens.  Higher quality materials last years longer than lower priced lighting products and end up being less expensive in replacement costs and maintenance.  For sustainability materials should be chosen for longevity, durability, and minimal maintenance. Want magic and enchantment in your landscape? Get some lighting. 


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Types of Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting comes in two basic types, 120-volt and low-voltage.  Pond or water garden lighting is also available in two basic types - surface or submerged lighting fixtures.  Basic low-voltage systems are safer, more energy-efficient, and easier to install than 120-volt systems and solar powered systems. The low-voltage systems use a transformer to step down standard household current to 12 volts.  Low-voltage lighting is not as bright as a 120-volt system and may not provide maximum impact for that special highlight.  Each application is unique.  




Submerged or underwater lights are safe, waterproof, and low maintenance.  LED's are increasingly being used for underwater lighting in ponds and water features.  Newer types of lighting options are available such as LED lights and solar lighting products.  LED lighting is becoming more readily available and offers low heat output, low energy usage, and long lamp life.  LED technology is generally more expensive than equivalent halogen light sources but may be the best option for new builds.  Most solar lighting systems available today use the sun to power the lights but do not incorporate an energy storage system (battery) with a reserve capability that can be used over time (at night).  LED lighting coupled with solar technology is on the horizon but for now it is not cost effective. 


Fiber optic lighting is also gaining popularity due to it becoming more affordable to the homeowner.  Fiber optic lights are the choice of Koi and fish keepers because no electricity is in the water but rather the light is generated by an illuminator outside the water.  The small fixtures of fiber-optic lighting allows the light to be placed in areas that were difficult to light without this type of lighting option.    LED lighting allows for more light colors to be produced and more closely match the appearance of incandescent lights which enhance a water feature's beauty dynamically. 


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