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Advanced Landscape Systems installs different types of filtration systems depending upon the application and project requirements of our clients. Some like to use a combination of filtration techniques when keeping Koi or other fish to maintain clear water year-round.  The basic types of water filtration include mechanical, chemical, biological, and under-gravel


Plants or "veggie" filters can also be used for water filtration but often does not meet the required level of filtration required for larger, multiple Koi fish but can be a very cost effective and natural for the smaller, backyard pond.  Some benefits include protecting fish by removing ammonia and heavy metals such as lead, copper and zinc from the water.  Plant filters help control algae and stabilize pH.  Photosynthesis is an acid consuming reaction, stabilizing pH keeps water from becoming acidic over time.  An effective "veggie" filter requires approximately 10-20% of the pond surface area.


Below are some examples of actual pond filtration installations. For more detailed information about water filtration systems for ponds and water features you can read more.


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