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Synthetic Turf (Grass)


Synthetic turf has advanced over the years.  Artificial turf has become a favorable alternative to natural grass for many applications such as sport areas, drought and low water usage, lower maintenance costs, and others.  Current turf products are available in many types of quality and durability.  The costs of rising water / maintenance bills have increased calls for synthetic turf which has become an attractive alternative to real grass to many homeowners.


Key Benefits: 

Synthetic turf requires no watering, no fertilizing, no spraying, and no mowing. The average natural lawn requires 50K gallons of water a year and is about 70% of a homes total water usage per year. FYI: A typical backyard pond takes about 1/8th the amount of water per year (appx.) as does a natural lawn of the typical residential lawn. Synthetic turf is a great alternative to natural grass which can be used in landscaping, playgrounds, pet areas, and golf putting greens. 


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Pets / Children

Synthetic turf can withstand pets and children while providing a comfortable alternative to natural grass. You'll be amazed just how close to the real real thing synthetic turf comes.


Putting Greens and Sport Surfaces

Synthetic turf is ideal for sports surfaces.  Synthetic turf is used in serious practice areas and used by PGA professionals and other athletes worldwide.


Grass Length Options

Grass length comes in standard blade sizes of 1-1/2 (Bermuda) and 2-21/2 inches (Fescue). 



The synthetic turf drain water quickly, can be easily cleaned by rinsing.  Drainage occurs through the turf  without causing puddles or saturated areas.


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