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Fish Feeding


The rate at which fish food energy is utilized is called the metabolic rate.  This metabolic rate in fish is influenced by environmental temperature, body size, age, and activity levels.  When water temperature increases or decreases it impacts a fishes metabolic rate.  This single factor dictates the what kind of food to be feed your fish as well as when and how much. Food furnishes the fish with heat and energy, provides material for growth and repair of body tissues, and assists in the regulation of body processes.  Feed your fish well and they will be well.


Feeding Chart



Food Type

Less than 50

Do not feed!


50 to 55

Resist feeding...

Wheat germ based

55 to 62

Once per day

Wheat germ based

62 to 68

Once per day

Medium protein

68 to 82

2-3 times per day

High protein

Above 82

Do not feed



**Filtration system must be in good working order for optimum health and happiness. Chart assumes fish are healthy. 

    Chart based on guidelines prepared by the Associated Koi Clubs of America. 


Feeding Tips

Seasonal Feeding Tips

Water Aeration Tips

Koi and Pond Fish Resources

Online resources to help with caring for fish.


Santa Clara Valley Koi And Water Garden Society - Koi fish and water garden club.  New members welcome.

The Associated Koi Clubs of America - Non profit created to promote, the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating and exhibiting Koi.


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